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The story of Wemyss starts in the 1880s. And the story is romantic. Wemyss was the
brainchild of Robert Heron, the cultured owner of the Fife Pottery who, returning
from 'the Grand Tour', brought back a group of craftsmenfrom Bohemia to develop
a new concept in decoration. Their leader, Karel Nekola, remained to become Heron's
master painter.
 The pottery was soon the sensation of late Victorian Scotland, and within a very few years
of all late Victorian Britain. The botanical charms of its roses and violets, and its lucious
orchard fruit fascinated the fasionable and delighted the discerning. From buttons to
bedroom sets, Nekola's flowing stlye was given free rein. Jam pots, jardinieres,
candlesticks and ink stands were produced in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs.
 This happy state continued right up to 1915. Then the destructive impact of the Great War and the death of Karel
Nekola combined to bring about a gradual decline, and an inevitable end. In 1930 the Fife Pottery closed.
 For a few more years the concept of Wemyss Ware was maintained by Joseph Nekola at the Bovey Trace
Pottery in Devon, But not long after the end of the last war this too was closed, and in 1958 the dormant rights
to make Wemyss Ware were sold to Royal Doulton.
 Early Wemyss is now a desirable collector's item, selling through auction houses and antique shops, of which
Rogers de Rin, Chelsea, are the leading specialists.

The story of this Goblet

In 1980, to commemorate the Centenary of Weymss and the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother,
Weymss Ware has been revived; and an exclusive edition of 500 Goblets has been produced by Royal Doultonand
commisioned by Rogers de Rin. This continues the Weymss tradtion of Commemorative pottery to mark Royal occasions
such as the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, the Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra and the
coronation of King George V and Queen Mary.
 Designed by Alan Carr Linford, the 1980 Goblet bears the Royal Cypher,
with the gracious permission of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and represents, in characteristically
bold colours, the thistle, rose, shamrock and leek of Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.
 No. 1 of the edition was reserved fopr Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Commemorative Goblet to Honour Queen Elizabeth
The Queen Mother and mark the Weymss Centenary

Every Goblet comes packed in a presentation box, covered in
bookbinder's burgandy cloth and lined with wine-red velvet,
with Her Majesty The Queen Mother's Royal Cypher in gold blocking.
 The Goblet is 9.5cm(7.5ins) high and 13.5cm(5.25ins) in diameter.
Every Goblet has been painted by a notable Doulton artist.
 The edition is strictly limited to 500 and each Goblet costs
£250 + postage and packaging   The National Trust for Scotland
and The Stars Organization for Spastics will receive royalties on
every goblet sold, and are therefore assured the sum of £3,000
underwritten by Rogers de Rin
Weymss Tapestry
Represents a smiling Weymss cat to be worked with wild
roses. In authentic colours, size 46cm(18ins) x 31cm(12ins).
Price £28.75 + postage and packaging, to include printed
canvas in full colour, wools, needle and instructions
(ten holes to the inch)

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